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Dr. Fish has considerable expertise in the diagnosis and management of toenail fungus and skin fungus, offering comprehensive treatment options including fungal treatment kits to help patients in Midtown West Manhattan and throughout New York City relieve the symptoms of fungal infections and enjoy healthier feet and nails.


by Alexander Fish, DPM

What causes toenail and skin fungal infections?

Fungal toenails are caused by dermatophytes, fungi that invade the nail bed, usually as a result of a cut, blister or ingrown toenail that allows them to get under the skin. Once in the nail bed, they're protected by the natural covering of the nail, and because circulation to the nail beds is lower than other areas of the body, it's harder for your immune system to fight and overcome the fungi. Skin fungal infections, or athlete's foot, develop in much the same way, but involve a different type of fungus.

What symptoms do foot fungal infections cause?

Athlete's foot causes itching, burning sensations accompanied by flaking patches of skin. Fungal toenails begin as a small discolored area beneath the eventually causing the entire nail to become thick and yellowed. Over time, the nail texture can change and the nail can become brittle and ragged. Pain can also develop if the infection is allowed to continue without treatment.

How are fungal infections treated?

Skin and nail fungus can be difficult to treat without the proper protocol. At Walk and Smile, we offer a state-of-the-art treatment system that was developed specifically to treat even stubborn cases of toenail and skin fungal infections. After evaluating your toenail and preparing it for treatment, we provide patients with our fungal treatment kit, which includes an antiseptic formula developed for safe and effective use on both nail and skin fungus, antiseptic moisturizer to promote healthy skin growth, antiseptic cleanser, and antiseptic shoe spray to kill fungus in your shoes so you don't become reinfected. The kit also includes a pumice bar to remove flaking skin and reveal the healthy skin beneath. After using the kit, patients return to the office for a “medical pedicure” to ensure the best possible results and avoid reinfection.

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