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As a top-rated podiatrist in New York City, Dr. Fish treats ankle sprains in patients from Manhattan's Midtown West neighborhood and surrounding areas, providing effective relief from painful symptoms so patients can feel better and regain normal mobility.


by Alexander Fish, DPM

Why do sprained ankles occur?

Sprained ankles can occur for many reasons, including falls and twists that cause strain and pressure on the structures of the ankles, including the ligaments that connect the bones to the muscles. Overstretched or torn ligaments form the basis of ankle sprains, which often occur when the ankle “rolls” inward or outward. Other sprains can occur from overuse injuries, such as repeated jumping or running. Most ankle sprains involve the ligaments that connect the ankle to the foot, but in less common instances, the ligaments of the lower portion of the leg become torn or strained, causing what's called a “high ankle” sprain.

What kinds of symptoms does a sprained ankle cause?

Most sprained ankles cause pain in the ankle region immediately after the injury, followed by tenderness and swelling. Sometimes, bruising and discoloration can also occur. Some patients may experience a “popping” or “snapping” sensation when the ligament is torn or “snapped,” as well as burning or tearing sensations. Tears cause more significant symptoms than strains, but any type of ankle injury or painful symptoms should be evaluated by a doctor to avoid permanent or more widespread damage, including weakness in the ankles which could cause future injuries to occur.

How are ankle sprains treated?

Most ankle sprains may be treated with ice and heat application and medication to relieve pain and inflammation. Walk and Smile offers a pain management kit that includes a special formula designed to help treat inflammation associated with sprains and other injuries to provide relief from pain and swelling while also promoting faster healing. Used in combination with other treatments, the formula can help patients enjoy pain-free range of motion and improved mobility. Depending on your symptoms, you may need an x-ray to rule out an ankle fracture.

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